The idea

From wheel to LBF®.WheelStrength software

Save time and money with LBF®.WheelStrength

When developing a new wheel, manufacturers need to work between the poles of structural durability, weight and design. The wheel should be able to withstand the stress of client use, but as an unsprung mass it must also be as light as possible so as not to have a negative impact on vehicle handling whilst being visually appealing to the client.

Thus the process of developing wheels by grinding during production and the subsequent, predominantly experimental, stress tests performed on prototypes are time-intensive and therefore cost-intensive.

Now for the first time LBF®.WheelStrength software developed by Stress & Strength GmbH can minimise this time and expense.

Realistic 3D test runs with LBF®.WheelStrength

Using LBF®.WheelStrength the structural durability and breakage safety of rotating, wheel-related components can be tested under realistic marginal conditions, even in the earliest stages of development. The software is based on the proven methodology of ZWARP, the biaxial wheel and wheel hub test facility, and thus combines modern 3D technology with the Finite Element Method.

Expanded to include wheels, wheel hubs and wheel bearings, LBF®.WheelStrength has meanwhile established itself on the market. Companies including Audi, Porsche, Otto Fuchs and Uniwheels Automotive already use LBF®.WheelStrength in the early stages of designing their wheels.