Experience based on cooperation

Software based on long-standing experience in numerical analysis - Stress & Strength and Fraunhofer LBF Darmstadt

Established in 1938, the Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF works to develop new testing and calculation methods to measure and evaluate the loads and service life of designs such as vehicle wheels.

From road to lab - digitalisation with ZWARP

Whereas initially the load capacity and breakage safety of earlier vehicles was tested experimentally on the road, the Institute concentrated its efforts on simplifying these testing methods, saving time and money and utilising advancing technologies. As such in addition to speeds, stresses and strains were also measured, digitalised and evaluated during testing. This data was then used to develop the spectrum-based, biaxial Finite Element Method for analysing structural durability.

Stress & Strength GmbH - spin-off of Fraunhofer LBF

Based on measurement data and test results from long-standing tests on the experimental wheel and wheel hub test bench, Stress & Strength GmbH (a spin-off of Fraunhofer LBF established in 2000) took over the development of algorithms and corresponding software to calculate structural changes, deformations and distortions of wheels and wheel hubs for various vehicle types such as passenger cars, trucks and motorbikes.

Competency based on cooperation

Our engineers are currently working closely with experienced researchers at Fraunhofer LBF to enhance the time and cost-saving software LBF®.WheelStrength for your rotating, wheel-related components.

Development of LBF®.WheelStrength

Fraunhofer LBF Stress & Strength GmbH

Method development

Development of algorithms
Spectrum-based biaxial computational FEM fatigue analysis

e.g. damage calculation

Identification tire load functionSoftware development

LBF®.WheelStrength with interfaces to ANSYS, Nastran, PERMAS and Abaqus

Wheel calculationWheel calculation
Wheel calculation
Coupled testingMethodology field
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