Experience based on cooperation

Structural durability tests of rotating, wheel-related components of land-bound motor vehicles (e.g. wheels, wheel hubs and wheel bearings) are successfully performed in the experimental biaxial wheel and wheel hub test facility (ZWARP) of Fraunhofer LBF. These tests include the real deformation kinematics of the rolling wheel with varying load combinations and are thus significantly more realistic than simplistic tests such as roll or bend-rotation tests. We have applied the predominantly positive experiences with this experimental testing technology of Fraunhofer LBF to create LBF®.WheelStrength: the industry solution for numerical structural durability analyses.

Realistic tests using 3D

A physical tire model correlated with the tire dimensions is used to discharge load into the rotating wheel (tire load function); the sum of the selected wheel load combinations corresponds to a load spectrum with an operational performance of 300,000 km for passenger cars and 500,000 for heavy commercial vehicles in typical usage conditions in Europe and/or comparable countries.




LBF®.WheelStrength is not simply a stress calculation but an assessment of service life!

RFS value scale following a wheel hub calculation

3D wheel model

The FEM model includes all parts of the wheel end relevant to rigidity and is constructed with tetrahedron volume elements with square displacement function. The FEM calculation for the stress analysis is performed using a linear-elastic material behaviour with the respective FEM code (e.g. MSC.NASTRAN).

Optimum analysis with LBF®.WheelStrength

You can perform numerical spectrum-based structural durability analyses with LBF®.WheelStrength by determining a minimum required fatigue strength (RFS value) of your design using the strains calculated based on load sequences similar to driving conditions according to the linear damage accumulation theory.

Automation made easy

As a specially-developed software application for the numerical, spectrum-based calculation of structural durability, LBF®.WheelStrength offers a completely new dimension in wheel load tests and the manufacture of rotating components for road vehicles, and challenges maximum degree of automation of these through application of load, stress analysis, damage accumulation and the calculation of a minimum required fatigue strength.